Posted: January 16, 2023

Choose Propane for Water Heating

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Get superior comfort and energy efficiency with a propane water heater from Callahan’s Gas!

Do you have an electric water heater in your home? If so, the chances are your energy costs are unnecessarily high. Electric water heaters are known for their sluggishness and lack of energy efficiency. Given that water heating contributes to approximately 20% of your home’s energy expenses, you can feel the impact of this inefficiency in your wallet.

Upgrade to a propane water heater for enhanced energy efficiency, cost savings, and increased comfort. Whether you choose a conventional tank storage water heater or a high-efficiency tankless water heater, both options far surpass the performance of electric water heaters.

Callahan’s Gas offers expert installation, maintenance, and repair of quality propane water heaters from leading manufacturers. Regardless of your choice, you’ll experience significant energy savings starting from the day your new propane water heater is installed.

Propane storage tank water heaters offer efficient and cost-effective water heating. They heat water faster and at a lower cost compared to electric models, ensuring both comfort and savings. In fact, propane tank water heaters typically have operating expenses that are 40% to 60% lower than electric water heaters when considering energy costs, maintenance and repair expenses, and lifespan.

Tankless water heaters: Unmatched for comfort and efficiency

A tankless water heater offers significant energy savings while providing enhanced comfort and convenience.

By choosing a propane tankless water heater, you can reduce your water heating energy expenses by up to 40% compared to using an electric water heater.

A conventional water heater with a tank continuously heats and reheats water around the clock, ensuring a constant supply of hot water. However, this process consumes a significant amount of energy. On the other hand, a tankless water heater only heats water as needed, providing an endless supply of hot water while significantly reducing energy consumption. By opting for a tankless water heater, you can enjoy hot water whenever you need it while slashing your energy usage!

How propane tankless water heaters work

Cold water flows into the tankless water heater through a pipe, where it is promptly heated by a propane gas burner. The resulting hot water is then delivered directly to its intended destination: be it the shower, kitchen sink, or washing machine. This ensures that hot water is readily available wherever and whenever it is needed.

With a tankless water heater, you can bid farewell to worries if you require hot water in multiple locations! It continuously provides hot water for all your needs, no matter how long you need it. Picture this: you can enjoy a refreshing shower while the dishwasher is running, simultaneously do a load of hot-water laundry, or even accommodate someone taking a shower in another bathroom. Say hello to convenience and endless hot water!

A tankless water heater not only alleviates the concerns associated with a traditional water heater tank, but also eliminates the need for tank maintenance and the risk of breakdowns. In fact, tankless water heaters boast a lifespan that is approximately twice as long as that of their tank counterparts, offering exceptional returns on your investment. Enjoy peace of mind and long-lasting efficiency with a tankless water heater.

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