Posted: May 13, 2024

Should You Install Gas Lines Yourself?

Always call professionals like the Callahan’s Gas team for your propane piping.

gas line installation Kent County, MD We talk to homeowners in Maryland’s Mid-Shore region all the time who are looking to add propane systems and appliances to their homes. Callahan’s Gas is proud to be the one-stop propane service shop for households in Kent County and across our service area. We lease and sell top-quality propane tanks, install propane products, and run gas lines for your indoor and outdoor appliances.

When you choose us as your home comfort partner, you can be confident that your propane equipment, storage tank and fuel piping are 100% safe and functioning as they should. It is always the right call to bring in a professional propane installation team like ours to handle your gas line installation. Attempting a “do-it-yourself” installation is an extremely bad idea.

Why you should NEVER install your gas lines.

When non-professionals try to install propane gas lines, they can create severe safety issues on their property. A propane leak can pose a risk of explosion and/or asphyxiation. Installing your own propane piping can also seriously harm the safety, efficiency, longevity and general performance of your gas appliances.

We can virtually guarantee that a DIY gas line installation won’t save you money. People who try running their own lines almost always need to bring in a professional technician to repair their work, address safety concerns or do a full re-install.

The Callahan’s team is the right choice for gas line installation.

When you bring in a professional propane team like Callahan’s Gas, you can rest easy, knowing you’re getting the best, most safety-focused installation service. Here are some examples of the considerable value you enjoy from a professional gas line installation:

Callahan’s Gas — Your Propane Installation Partner

If you want to boost your year-round comfort and quality of life with new propane appliances, then call in the pros from Callahan’s Gas. We can install your propane equipment and run gas lines from your propane tank to keep them safely and reliably fueled. We are available to assist with new construction, home renovations, total conversions to propane, or the addition of individual appliances.

Just reach out to Callahan’s Gas to discuss your propane equipment installation and gas line needs. We are ready to help!