Posted: March 25, 2024

5 Benefits of Using Propane in Your Home

Efficiency, heat generation, eco-friendliness — propane gas always delivers!

propane Queen Anne's County, CT At Callahan’s Gas, we appreciate that homeowners have many choices when it comes to powering their heating equipment and other major appliances. Every day, we talk to people in Queen Anne’s County and throughout the Eastern Shore of Maryland about whether propane is the smartest choice for their household.

While every family and house is different, we’ve found that propane outpaces most energy alternatives on a range of criteria. Here are five benefits of choosing propane for your home.

1. Propane generates a lot of heat.

With propane, you get a lot of heat energy for your money — 91,452 Btu of heat energy per gallon, in fact. That’s twice the heat generation per cubic foot of natural gas. It would take 27 kilowatt hours of electricity to achieve that level of heat production. This robust heat generation allows propane furnaces to reliably deliver heated air of up to 115° F when it’s icy cold outside.

2. Propane equipment is super-efficient.

Today’s propane furnaces and boilers have fuel efficiency ratings as high as 98.5%. So, you can be confident that almost all the propane you use is going to its intended purpose. Propane water heaters can have hot water recovery rates that are roughly twice as fast as electric units, and tankless propane water heaters are even more efficient. You can also enjoy considerably faster laundry drying with propane-powered dryers.

3. Propane is green.

Propane has been listed as an alternative fuel in both the National Energy Policy Act and the Clean Air Act. Its carbon intensity (how much carbon dioxide is produced to generate a certain amount of energy) is lower than that of fuel oil, gasoline, and Maryland’s grid electricity. Propane is also methane-free and emits virtually no particulate matter.

4. Propane can power a lot of different products.

When you have a propane tank at your home, you can power so much more than your home’s heating and hot water equipment. Propane also fuels a wide variety of indoor and outdoor appliances, including:

Additionally, you can enjoy energy security when there’s a grid outage by installing a propane-powered standby generator. Even when the grid fails, you can keep your lights, electronics, refrigerator and home medical equipment running.

5. Propane is reliably (and affordably) American-made.

Almost all the propane used in our country is produced in the U.S. In fact, we are a net exporter of propane. This means that there is a dependable domestic supply of the fuel we deliver. Also, propane is somewhat insulated from global energy markets compared to fuels that are more reliant on foreign sources. This makes its price much more stable.

Callahan’s Gas delivers propane and peace of mind.

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