Posted: April 8, 2024

When To Replace the Propane Tank You Own

Lease a tank from Callahan’s Gas instead.

propane tank Talbot County, CT Have you recently bought a home in Talbot County in which you own the propane tank on the property?

What’s the condition of that propane tank? Propane tanks have a resilient reputation, but they don’t last forever. If the propane tank that sits on your property shows signs of wear, then Callahan’s Gas has you covered. Instead of worrying about a failing tank that you are responsible for, let us help you with a worry-free replacement tank. We offer our customers cost-effective tank leasing options that ensure they always have top-quality, well-maintained propane storage at their Eastern Shore home.

What’s the benefit of leasing a propane tank?

When you lease a propane tank from us, our team will handle all the planning, installation and testing for you. We carry a selection of tank sizes and will help you find the ideal one for your household needs. Not only that, but we’ll also take care of all your tank maintenance and repairs. You’ll never have to worry about your tank again!

This can be a considerable financial benefit for the homeowners we serve. Owning a tank means that you’re on the hook for the purchase, installation, inspections, upkeep and any repairs that come your way. Leasing eliminates all that stress, uncertainty and cost. It’s little wonder that the majority of our customers choose to lease a tank from us.

What Is the lifespan of a home propane tank?

The typical aboveground residential propane tank, which can range in size from about 100-500 gallons, can last well over 30 years. Underground tanks have slightly shorter lifespans.

One of the clearest indicators of a propane tank that’s past its prime is rust or corrosion on its surface. Some rust on an outdoor tank is normal, but a lot of it could mean the tank’s structural integrity is weak, making it more susceptible to leaks or ruptures.

An old, poorly maintained tank can cause your propane equipment to lose efficiency. It can prove to be a safety hazard, too. Happily, the Callahan’s team is always available to look at your aging home propane tank and arrange a top-of-the-line replacement.

How can you arrange a propane tank inspection?

Our employees follow the most rigorous propane safety standards. We provide ongoing safety inspections and testing for our fuel customers. If you are concerned about the state of your propane tank, reach out to us. We can perform a thorough safety inspection and provide recommendations.

Callahan’s Gas is also dedicated to providing customized, customer-focused service to homes that need propane service. We can take you through your options for a new propane tank installation and the advantages you can experience from leasing one of our tanks.

Callahan’s Gas Is Your Propane Tank Connection!

At Callahan’s Gas, we pride ourselves on the high quality and longevity of our tanks. By choosing us as your propane partner, you can rest easy knowing that we will keep your propane tank in peak condition, serving you for decades to come.

If you want total peace of mind in your propane tank and propane delivery service, join the family of Callahan’s Gas customers.