Is there anything more annoying than firing up the grill with a set of steaks ready to go only to find out you’re out of propane? Thus unfurls a long day of unhooking your tank, checking another tank if that’s empty, too. Then, taking those tanks to get them refilled and nearly always being caught by surprise at how hefty the price of propane has gotten in the last six months alone. Well, if you’re tired of doing that song and dance, we can help. Make your propane tank last a little longer with these helpful tips.

You Can Lock In A Good Rate

Obviously, like all-natural resources, the price of propane fluctuates quite often. However, you can lock in your price with some companies by promising a return customer every time. Usually, they’ll charge you a small fee that caps the total amount you’ll ever have to pay to fill up your tank and is often less than the current market price. But, if the current market price is less than your locked-in rate, they’ll let you take advantage of the lesser price, instead. These programs usually last for around a year, and you can lock in your price during the summer when propane is usually the cheapest it’ll be all year. Then, all you’ll need to do is set a reminder for next year in your phone on when you need to update your price lock-in and boom, you’ll have cheaper, readily accessible propane always at your fingertips. At Callahan’s Gas, we offer the Level Pay Plans to ensure you get the propane you need at a great rate.

Need a Bigger Tank? Get a Bigger Tank

If you’re going through propane tanks left and right, and you have the room on your property for a bigger tank, get one. There are large tanks available that can provide a year’s worth of propane, which you can have filled during the summertime to get a better price on it. Oftentimes, having a bigger tank to fill, usually gets you a better rate too as it’s almost always cheaper to buy any product in bulk, it’s the same for propane. In many cases, the savings does justify the upgrade, if you have room for it on your property. You could easily ask a provider, especially if you go to the same place to get refills, as they’ll have data available on how often you refill and thus how much propane you actually use. They’ll be able to make the best recommendation on sizing for you. 

Don’t Grab The First Deal You See

If you’ve been with a provider for many years, that’s great, but there might be a better, cheaper option available for you out there. Prices are known to vary widely from one place to another and it’s always a good idea to shop for the best rate available. That way, you won’t have to curtail your propane usage simply because the price of propane is rising. Instead, you’ll be able to keep your monthly costs and uses steady. Providers will likely always be ready to compete for your business, so that will make shopping easy and very much so worth it. 

Avoid Fees

Unfortunately, lots of propane providers will try to sneak in extra fees here and there. It doesn’t seem like fun to question the items on a bill, but it’s almost always necessary, and it certainly is necessary when you’ve been purchasing a product from a company on a regular basis without looking at that bill. The next time you’re gearing up for propane delivery, call the company and ask for an itemized bill. Question anything that seems off, and if they don’t have an explanation ready for you, you might want to start looking for another provider that’s not going to such lengths to hide different weird charges from you. 

Invest In a Smart Thermostat

Another way to save on propane is by using less propane with the help of a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are made to read the patterns of your family’s day. They know when you go to bed when you get home from work, and they can adjust your home’s temperature according to your needs with ease. This means you’ll be using less heat throughout the day and you’ll be able to cut down on all-natural resource uses that way. 

Browse For Discounts

Propane companies, and resource suppliers in general, will often run promotions or have discounts for certain types of employees or seniors. Think of looking for propane deals like you would when you’re looking for a deal on pizza delivery. When you first call to inquire, ask what sorts of deals they have available at the moment. They’ll let you know, and if it applies to you, you should take it. Get in the habit of asking every time you need a fill, as they’re likely running different promotions by the next time you need more propane. Don’t let a good deal slip through your fingers just because you didn’t ask. 

Contact Callahan’s For Better Propane Rates In Centreville

Looking for better rates? Come find out about our propane level pay plans that make it easier to save money and use propane at the rate you’re most comfortable at. We base our rates on the amount of propane you use, the size of your propane tank and the market price of propane fills at the time and help you to get the best price available for you. Reach out to us today to find out what sort of deal we can offer you now.