Needing propane is a caveat of enjoying modern life. So many appliances run on propane gas and remaining comfortably kept in your home in Centreville requires that you use propane. When most of the appliances that make your home comfortable require regular increases on your supply of propane, it’s no surprise that you’ll end up spending a fair amount of money keeping your home well-stocked on that natural gas. In fact, we think you’d be shocked to know just how much propane each of your comfort increasing appliances uses on a daily basis, or even hourly basis. 

How Much Propane Does Each Appliance Use?

You may not know it, but those long, hot showers you love taking are ratcheting up more than just your water bill. If you have a propane hot water heater, you’re looking at consuming around 500 gallons of propane a year on average. They’re the biggest energy consumers in most households and account for around 25% of the average household’s propane consumption. In addition to that, if you have a propane fire pit you can count on it burning through around a gallon every three hours. That might not seem like a lot in the large scheme of things, but over time, that can add up like pennies. 

If you have propane cooktops or a stove that runs on propane, you can additionally expect around a 180-gallon-per-year usage rate. But, the HVAC unit is likely one of the most aggressive users of propane, especially when you have to account for the rainy weather and sometimes uncomfortable winters we’re known to get in these parts. Your HVAC system uses around a gallon of propane per hour, and as you can guess, that adds up quite quickly in the winter months, especially if you’re not already using a smart thermostat to help you reign in your usage. Another thing that can cause your HVAC to use even more than that is if it hasn’t been serviced in some time. If you’re looking to save money on your propane usage, we recommend starting there. 

Start Saving Money

With all of those appliances burning through so much natural gas every hour, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the best deal on your propane usage as possible. There’s an easier way to save money on your propane and make acquiring the propane you need to run your home correctly easier. At Callahan’s Gas & Appliance, we offer a variety of competitive level pay plans to help you stay stocked and enjoy a discount on your propane. 

Schedule Your Propane Level Pay Plan Now In Centreville

If you’re looking for a way to lock in a price and keep your propane usage comfortable for your wallet, reach out to us. We’re passionate about helping folks save money and access the resources they need with ease. We keep it inexpensive by first calculating the amount of propane you use, the size of your tank and the current price of fills. Then, we discuss future usage analysis and determine from there what sort of pay plan suits you best. Reach out to us today to get started on creating your own propane level pay plan for your Centreville home.