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We make it easy to add a gas fireplace to your home!

fireplace showroomWhen you step inside the Callahan’s Gas showroom, you know you are someplace special, someplace where you’re welcomed. We want you to feel comfortable and assured about your new fireplace. That’s why our showroom lets you get up close and see the fireplaces, touch them, and learn how they work. You’ll have a good idea of how they will look and function in your home.

Our team is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to our products. We carry top brands, including:

Majestic | Beyond just safe, reliable and attractive
White Mountain Hearth
Montigo | The Art of Fireplaces

What makes the Callahan’s Gas showroom different?

fireplaceFor starters, we’re easy to find! The Callahan’s Gas showroom at 116 North Commerce Street (get directions) has been a part of Centreville since we were founded in 1937. In fact, it’s a navigation point, as many folks give directions by telling someone to, “Make a left (or straight past) at Callahan’s.”

You’ll notice the difference that a local family business like Callahan’s Gas can make for your fireplace purchase experience the minute you walk into the showroom. For starters, we’re not a sterile place like a designer showroom or a big-box store.

You might even get to see some of our history at the Callahan’s Gas office. From time to time, we set up some of the old appliances our team has installed in decades past. We also have some old Callahan’s signage on display. This isn’t only a place to display our outstanding selection of fireplaces. It’s also a place where you are treated dramatically differently than what you’d get at a big-box store or other fireplace retailer, where all they see in you is a dollar sign. Here, you are a neighbor and a valued customer we hope to serve for many years to come.

Instead of a high-pressure, hard-sell sales pitch, you get a conversation. Our team is knowledgeable about our fireplace offerings and they are here to help you be confident in your choice of a fireplace. You’ll be able to touch the fireplaces, see the finishes and trim and observe the colors of the flames so you can truly visualize how your fireplace will look in your home. We’ll walk you through the technical information, like the right size of your fireplace and gas logs, to ensure it meets your needs, whether you are looking for supplemental heating or simply a cozy place to relax after a long day.

Callahan’s Gas: Your one-stop shop for propane fireplaces

Yes, our showroom is terrific, but that’s only the beginning of the outstanding service you get with Callahan’s Gas!

We are a full-service company for your home’s propane needs. Once you’ve selected your new gas fireplace, we take care of everything! That includes:

When you’re ready to add a gas fireplace to your home, Callahan’s Gas is here to help! Get your FREE estimate today.