When you choose to get your propane from Callahan’s Gas & Appliance, you get to leave the stress of fluctuating payments and inconsistent deliveries behind. We’re on a mission to provide consistency and peace of mind when it comes to keeping your home or business safe and warm. Get a Level Pay Plan to save money on the cost of propane gas, and let us look after your propane needs in Centreville!

The Structure of Level Pay Plans

When you set up a Level Pay Plan with us, you get to work with our account Coordinator. We take the extra steps to make sure your account gets squared away in the proper way. When we set up an account, we combine the big picture (predicted weather, last year’s heating bills, etc.) with your personalized details (your home’s efficiencies, your personal heat preferences, etc.) to ensure you consistently receive propane services at a constant price.

The team at Callahan’s will also consider your payment record to set up a Level Pay Plan, as you need a credit or zero balance to start. Once we fine-tune your account for your expected total yearly use, we divide up your cost equally so that you will receive automatic deliveries and a consistent monthly payment. All you have to do is keep your payments current, and you’ll be set for long-term comfort and peace of mind. Don’t stress about the cost or delivery time of your next propane refill; start a Level Pay Plan from Callahan’s and leave those worries behind!

An infographic explaining Level Pay propane plans from Callahan's Gas & Appliance in Centreville

Propane Gas Prices and Costs

If you have used propane to heat your home or power appliances before, then you probably realize how much the price of propane can change. Whether the price changes because of a swing in the market price of propane itself or because your delivery company changed their prices, this can cause stress, headaches, and financial trouble. When it comes to keeping your family or business warm, we believe that you shouldn’t have to stress about variable prices.

Many people new to propane appliances may not know much about the costs associated with the gas. While our Everything You Need to Know About Propane page has excellent information about the cost of propane, we can take some time to explain the basics here. How much propane gas will cost you largely depends on three things: your expected usage, the size of the tank, and the delivery option you choose for your propane refills.

The size of the propane tank you choose results in an upfront cost that only has to be paid again if you upgrade propane tanks. In contrast, the other two variables in determining the cost of propane often fluctuate throughout the year. Your propane usage will depend on the number of ways you use propane. If you use propane to heat your home, then your usage will probably increase during Maryland’s winter months. This usually leads to variable prices of propane throughout the year. Similarly, the cost of your propane refills will usually depend on the delivery company you choose, changes in the market price of propane, as well as variations in your usage.

If you choose to get propane from Callahan’s Gas & Appliance, then you can avoid variations in the cost of propane over a year. This is how our Level Pay Plan benefits you.

Benefits of a Level Pay Plan

At Callahan’s we understand that a large fluctuation in the cost of propane can be devastating to a family or a business. If the price of propane increases in the winter, then you could be forced to pay more than you were expecting just to keep your family warm. The Level Pay Plan takes the pain of this uncertainty away.

Our Level Pay Plans give you a stable price of propane throughout the year. We consider your usage, weather patterns, previous heating bills, the energy efficiency of your home, and your preferences when determining a price. After a price is determined, you will know exactly how much propane will cost that year, and the team at Callahan’s will ensure you get your propane tank refilled on time.

Set Up a Level Pay Plan For Propane Refills!

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