Propane & Fuel Delivery in Centerville


When it comes to powering your home appliances and keeping your home warm during the winter months, there are many options available that can get the job done. However, few of them can be compared to propane gas and its many advantages.


At Callahan’s Gas & Appliances, we have served the community of Centreville and the surrounding areas for decades and we have remained one of the experts that so many families and businesses rely on every day to get the fuel they need. We believe in honesty and hard work and we love helping our customers understand more about the products and services they receive. That’s why we’re providing more information about propane gas, its many benefits, and why it can be an advantage for your home or business.


Benefits of Propane


One of the biggest benefits of propane gas is that you can have a single source of fuel to power everything that requires fuel in your home. From heating your water, to cooking, to keeping you warm; propane can be a solution to all your home needs.


Heating Water

Water heaters can, at times, be twice as fast as electric heaters. This can come in handy when trying to get ready for work early in the morning.


Home Heat

Gas furnaces can output up to 25°F more than heat pumps. When you are dealing with inclement weather, having an efficient and reliable source of heat can make a difference.



When cooking, you can receive immediate heat when you have a gas stovetop. Electric stoves can be unreliable at times when it comes to temperature outputs.



Gas dryers are more economical to use and can save you a lot of money in the long run. 


These are some of the few benefits that propane can offer. Callahan’s Gas & Appliances can provide you with the propane gas that you need every month and give you great deals with our Level Pay Plan. If you want to know more about propane or any of our other products, you can contact our team and we will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions.


Propane is Environmentally Friendly


It’s no secret that our planet needs a little help from us to avoid worsening the environmental problem. Luckily for us, propane is considered a clean energy source and it was listed under the Clean Air Act in 1990.


There are many ways in which propane is environmentally friendly and while it emits low levels of carbon dioxide, it does not emit sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, or methane which can be harmful to the environment. Here are some of the reasons why propane is green:


  • It dissipates quickly and is not an air pollutant
  • Lower carbon dioxide emissions contribute much less to acid rain
  • Transporting propane is safer than transporting other fuels. In case of a spill or leak, the consequences are not as impactful as other fuels


Safety Tips for Propane Gas Users


Safety is always a priority when it comes to owning any appliance or system at home that uses propane as fuel. Doing regular maintenance and servicing your propane appliances can be all you need to avoid any accidents. However, safety knowledge is always important to know!


Tank Area


Your propane tank area should be decluttered at all times. Make sure that there are no other flammable materials or stacks of items near your tank to avoid inconveniences. Having piles of boxes of other things that can tip over and fall can break pipes which could lead to leaks.


Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home is not something that you should have only if you have propane gas appliances. Having these detectors installed at home can be very beneficial for you and your family and can be a lifesaver in case of having a fire or problems with carbon monoxide.


Pilot Lights


Many appliances that operate with propane gas have a pilot light. While these small flames are very reliable and are commonly placed somewhere where it is not easy to put out, on occasions, these pilot lights can go out. Make sure that if you feel that your appliance is not working properly, check the pilot light before anything else since this can lead to a gas leak.


Owner’s Manuals


Make sure you check the owner’s manual for your appliances to know exactly what to do in case they are not working properly or if you need to know where the pilot light is located. You can find a lot more information about your appliance in the manuals and sometimes find tips and tricks to run them more efficiently.


Propane Gas Smell Drills


Propane is naturally an odorless gas and gas companies add a harmless chemical to it to add that “rotten egg” smell so it’s easy to know if there are any leaks. If you are ever home and there’s an odd smell you could have a gas leak. Make sure you follow some safety guidelines to avoid worst problems:


  • Extinguish any flame
  • Open your windows to let the air flow
  • Put away any electronic devices that can create sparks
  • Get out of the house


If the smell is too intense, meaning that there could be a major leak, call your fire department as they are well-equipped and prepared to deal with gas leaks in order to avoid fires.


Service & Maintenance


Like we mentioned before, doing maintenance and servicing your propane equipment and the tank is extremely important to do. You are not only making sure that there are no accidents but you are also extending the life of your appliances and equipment by maintaining them properly.


Have a Professional Repair & Service Your Propane Gas Tank and Appliances


At Callahan’s Gas, we strive to provide the best propane and fuel services in Centerville and the surrounding communities. For decades, our customers have been relying on our deliveries, maintenance, and many other services that make us the go-to fuel company near you!

Contact our team today for more information about our propane gas delivery service or our Level Pay Plans. If you have any questions, we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you!