Commercial Propane Services for Businesses on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Propane helps your business prosper!

Propane is the favored energy source for a wide range of businesses, industries and municipalities on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Its exceptional efficiency, reliability, clean burning properties, versatility and environmental friendliness make it an attractive choice for both businesses and customers alike.

Callahan’s Gas has been working with local businesses like yours for decades, providing customized propane delivery and service. We’re a third-generation family business with the knowledge and experience to help your company maximize the benefits of propane.

We provide dependable bulk propane delivery, tailored to your needs, along with propane tank installation and leasing.

Whether you use propane for temporary construction heating or barn heating and poultry house sanitizing on your farm, partnering with a local business offers distinct advantages. We possess a deep understanding of the unique needs of businesses like yours, allowing us to deliver prompt, responsive and personalized service that you won’t find with larger national companies. Add to all that our outstanding propane pricing, and you will see why Callahan’s Gas is the right choice!

Propane for restaurants

commercial propane delivery cookInvesting significantly in your restaurant’s kitchen, from skilled chefs to top-notch equipment and fresh ingredients, is crucial. Propane serves as the key to unlocking the full potential of your resources. Here are some of the advantages propane offers.

  • Your restaurant can reap the benefits of gas cooking without needing to be connected with a natural gas utility.
  • With propane’s precise and rapid temperature control, your chefs can effortlessly create exceptional meals, ensuring an outstanding dining experience for your patrons.
  • Propane is not only used in restaurants to heat cooktops, but it also has applications in various commercial kitchen equipment.
  • Using propane ensures that your broiler has the necessary Btu’s to cook those delectable steaks and chops and flawlessly melt a cheese topping.
  • Pizza ovens, steam tables, buffets, deep fryers and other appliances can also be powered by propane with superior energy efficiency and temperature control compared with electricity.
  • During the warmer seasons, propane has the remarkable ability to elevate any outdoor dining experience from ordinary to extraordinary. By utilizing a propane grill, you can expand your menu options and offer a wider range of delectable dishes. Enhance the ambiance of your patio or deck with propane-powered heaters, firepits and hearths, providing warmth and unparalleled comfort. Additionally, you can utilize propane to create a warm and inviting glow through outdoor lighting, adding a touch of enchantment to your surroundings.
  • A propane standby generator not only ensures uninterrupted power to keep your kitchen operational but also keeps your food cold or frozen by powering your refrigeration system.

Propane for hospitality industries

hospitality business propane deliveryTourism is a major part of the Maryland economy. Visitors spend more than $16 billion each year in the state and generate more than $2.1 billion in local and state taxes. More than 112,000 jobs in Maryland are supported by tourism.

Here in Queen Anne’s County, there are plenty of vacation and recreation attractions, from water sports like kayaking to visiting historic sites and shopping. If you own a hotel, inn, golf course or resort, propane can help you enhance your services while protecting your bottom line.

Hotels, resorts and golf courses rely on propane commercial clothes dryers to rapidly dry large quantities of linens, surpassing the speed of electric dryers by 25%. Not only does this expedited process save time, but it also reduces wrinkles, enhancing the efficiency of your hardworking housekeeping staff.

Enhance your outdoor dining and gatherings with the perfect additions: propane outdoor fireplaces, deck and patio heaters and fire pits. These elements will elevate your experience, providing warmth and ambiance for memorable moments.

Propane empowers chefs in restaurants and commercial kitchens to deliver exceptional culinary creations with its unparalleled temperature control. The precise and instant heat offered by propane ranges and grills ensures top-quality food every time.

Thanks to its superior energy efficiency, propane is also great for room and water heating to help keep energy costs down while ensuring guests’ comfort.

Using propane for landscaping offers outstanding energy efficiency for lower costs, a safer work environment for grounds crews, less wear on equipment and greater productivity.

Propane for municipalities

commercial delivery filling tank

Cities and towns across America are discovering that propane is an energy source that helps them keep costs down while also improving municipal services.

Callahan’s Gas offers the best commercial propane services at the best price! Contact us today for a consultation.