What Does the Level Pay Plan Offer?

Surprises are something that most people enjoy especially when they come to us in the form of family visiting, a birthday party, or when they are good news. On the other hand, receiving a constant change of rate to your monthly gas bill can be devastating for a household, and it can be nerve-wracking not knowing what next month is going to be like. Our goal at Callahan’s Gas is to offer you a plan that you can rely on!

To avoid the need to compensate with extra work or take money out of your savings account whenever the propane gas market decides to rise, think about setting up a Level Pay Plan that will keep the same rates year-round.

Callahan’s Gas & Appliances takes into account all the factors that can make your propane gas cost increase or fluctuate and put together a plan that’s built for your particular needs.

So, how does a Level Pay Plan work? We gather information such as: what uses propane in your home, the size of your home, how many people live in your home, personal preferences, and previous usage history, to create a customized plan just for you. With Callahan’s, you won’t run out of propane or have to call for delivery. You can depend on our properly trained team to bring safety, care, and courtesy to your property along with the gas you need.

Ultimately, we want to put you in control of your gas usage and bills, so you can run your home or business without the stress of inconsistent delivery and temperature fluctuations. As long as you keep your payments current, our simple delivery system will give you peace of mind and plenty of warmth. You can explore our Level Pay Plans to learn more specifics about our delivery system.


At Callahan’s Gas & Appliances, we offer gas tank installations. Whether you are looking for above ground or underground tanks, we give you the possibility to install either depending on what you need for your business or home.

If you don’t already have a gas tank in your property, it is beneficial to consider installing one. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these options and we’ll be explaining them here so you can come to a conclusion or inform yourself better before choosing which tank will benefit you more.

Above Ground Tank

Underground Tank


It can be a little overpowering to your visual field. Although, some people decorate them to match a certain theme that they might be going for on their property. Being out of sight means that you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing the tank or it obstructing your view when you look outside the window.


Tanks installed above ground don’t need as much planning ahead as underground tanks do. This means that the overall cost can be a lot cheaper. The basic construction of the above-ground and below-ground tanks are same. Below-ground tanks have long risers to reach the top of the
underground dome and they have a special coating to help protect
against rust. For underground tanks, however,  you need to consider how much digging the hole is going to cost. Getting the correct hole dimensions is critical.


Exposed tanks can be susceptible to vandalism if you live in an area with more crime. Also, if the tank is installed near a street, you can run the risk of vehicle collisions. An underground gas tank gives the advantage to be out of reach from possible threats. After it’s installed, only you and your gas supplier have to know where the gas tank is.


The tank, in this case, is exposed to the elements which means that you have to be aware of rust and other chemical reactions that the metal and the paint might have. For the underground tanks, you don’t have to worry about the weather as much, but you have to be aware that the gas tank has an anti-corrosion component that will have to be replaced to keep it working as it should.


Since the freezing point of propane is -44˚F., it is unlikely that the gas will freeze, but it causes a difference in pressure which can affect the performance of your gas appliances. Being underground keeps the propane at a manageable temperature all year round. This means that there’s not going to be any problem with extreme cold or heat.


There are some beneficial differences for underground and above ground propane gas tanks. Some of them are preferential and some are based on efficiency. Contact us today to help you make the decision about which propane gas tank will benefit you more!

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Benefits of Using Propane Gas

Green and Energy Efficient

As a clean-burning alternative to oil or coal, propane burns much more efficiently, which can lower your overall energy costs while also lessening the environmental impact of energy consumption.


In comparison to electric water heaters, propane water heaters are able to regenerate hot water nearly two times faster than a similar-sized electric unit.


Unlike many other heating sources, propane gas will not ignite unless the air and gas mixture is within a narrow window. Additionally, anytime a system is interrupted for any reason, a leak test is performed. Detection of leaks is very easy to spot and remedy with modern equipment.


In any emergency situation, when your home or business’s electricity has been compromised, propane systems will still be active and functional.

Easy to Store and Move

Propane is an easy commodity to transport and to store. Having a propane tank in your property and having the right service to deliver gas to you makes propane simple to deal with.