Posted: July 8, 2024

How Long Will My Propane Supply Last?

Let Callahan’s Gas do the propane delivery planning for you.

propane Queen Anne's County, MD One benefit of propane that our customers love is being able to power many high-quality home comfort products from dedicated on-site propane tanks. Unlike natural gas or electric appliances, propane products aren’t dependent on a utility with often-unreliable infrastructure. In Queen Anne’s, Kent, Caroline and Talbot counties, Callahan’s Gas customers can count on a well-maintained propane tank that our team keeps filled to power their many products, including:

One question we hear a lot from our valued customers is how long they can expect their propane supply to last before needing a refill. In this article, we’ll discuss the calculations that go into planning your propane delivery schedule, which Callahan’s Gas can do for you at no additional cost.

How fast will you use your propane?

The speed at which you’ll burn through the propane in your tank depends on a variety of factors, including how many gas appliances you have, how often you use them and the weather.

Every home is unique, and the calculation of various products’ consumption rates can become complex. One gallon of propane will generate 91,452 Btu of heat energy, but how many Btu you need varies by product. For example, running a propane fireplace product for three hours will use approximately one gallon of propane, whereas running a pool heater for that same period might use over 12 gallons of propane.

The Propane Education & Research Council has calculated some general annual consumption rates for propane appliances:

Callahan’s Gas can plan your propane deliveries for you.

As you might imagine, accounting for all the variables that determine when you’ll need a propane delivery can get complicated quickly. Even if you’ve figured out the average consumption rate of your various systems or appliances, a sudden cold snap might throw your calculations off. The result could be an unexpected and unwelcome propane run-out that puts your home heating, hot water, cooking appliances and dryer out of commission.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional team at your disposal to plan your delivery schedule for you? With Callahan’s Gas, you have just that!

We offer FREE Automatic Delivery to our Eastern Shore customers. Using state-of-the-art technology, we track your home’s propane consumption, incorporating how many propane products you have and what the weather is like. Our system accounts for every household’s unique needs, as well as the unexpected climate events that can impact propane use. You can rest easy, knowing we’ll deliver your fuel right when you need it!

Are you interested in receiving no-fee Automatic Delivery from a reliable, professional propane team? Become a Callahan’s Gas customer today.